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I've packed a lot into my television career, over 300 hours of solid on-air time, in fact. Celebrity interviews, in-studio performances, feature packages, outside broadcasts, event round-ups, health and cooking segments...I've done it all.


As senior producer across the highest-rating daily morning and afternoon TV shows in the country, I managed all entertainment content across both products, which is no small feat when said content constituted a large chunk of four hours of daily on-air programming. 


However, my path to TV wasn't a conscious one. Immersed in the digital world, I was making a great deal of original video for online, so while producing packages and segments was in my repertoire, my immediate aspirations weren't focussed on the small screen. But my reputation preceded me, and the bigwigs at Channel 7 approached me about jumping ship, and so I did.


Day-to-day I produced segments both in-studio and out on the field: creating storyboards and concepts, writing scripts for talent and edit-producing and scripting feature packages.


Producing aside, I also sourced and managed all talent under the entertainment umbrella, single-handedly brokering exclusive deals with local and international celebrities, managing relationships with publicists and talent managers and representing the shows at various functions nationally and worldwide, including a week-long outside broadcast from LA. 


Understandably, I have one of the best contact books in the biz. My relationships with talent managers, music and movie labels and entertainment publicists truly are second to none. As a result, I've personally interviewed some of the world's biggest names, and have produced on-air talent interviews with even more.


Here's a mini sizzle reel showing examples of my recent work at Channel 7. Further examples can be viewed here.

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