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Media Strategy


"95% of journalists claim most press releases contain no story whatsoever."


Talk to any member of the media and they'll undoubtedly concur with this statistic.  Having been on the receiving end of PR for close to 20 years, I know what makes a good story…and what really doesn't.


With a background that spans the media gamut; I know how to make a company newsworthy and how to identify the angles, so that you can really get the media onside talking about you, or your client, in a positive and credible way. 


Time-poor journalists need a strong news hook, concise information and ideas that will actually translate editorially.  And while media relationships are important, achieving great coverage takes far more than simply having contacts. Working in the media, I of course have great relationships, but it is my understanding of the often confusing world of the media and newsroom that allows me to put together a story and deliver it to the right outlet, with the right angle, at the right time. 


And my expertise doesn't only lie on one side of the fence.  As a journalist working across a portfolio of busy monthlies and weeklies in the UK, the daily bombardment of poorly written press releases - devoid of story, missing essential information and with a decidedly incoherent message - prompted me to set up my own lifestyle PR and events agency, which ran successfully for two years before I moved to the UAE. 


So, if you're looking for a skilled media strategist to provide regular consultation, or if you're an agency that needs a bit of help, I'd love to hear from you.

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