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YouTube estimates that by 2020 90% of all web traffic will be online video. And considering the phenomenal increase in our consumption on mobile devices, this statistic is easily believed. 


If you're not au fait with video now, you need to be. And even if you have been producing video content for some time - how does it compare to your competitors? And with the deluge of vision in the digital arena - how does your video content standout?


That's where I come in.


With strong journalistic roots, I have developed a natural news sense and an ability to tell a story succintly across a variety of mediums.


While overseeing entertainment and lifestyle content at News digital, I produced a variety of original videos across verticals in my remit. This experience ultimately proved to be the groundwork for a successful career in television. Cue a shift from one media juggernaut, to another.


For years I worked as a senior producer at Channel 7, across two of the highest-rating daily shows in the country, which further built upon my exisiting video know-how. 


With a keen TV producers eye, a journalist's concise way with words and the natural instinct of a storyteller, I know how to create web-friendly, TV-quality video, that's informative, engaging and entertaining.

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