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Digital Content


Communication, knowing an audience - and producing world-class content tailored to that audience - are truly the cornerstones of my skills.


I put the mantra "content is king" into practice. Content is king, but there's a vast difference in the quality of content within the digital space. The explosion of digital has provided brands and businesses with an opportunity to be bona fide publishers, but they very often miss the mark. That's where I come in. 


As an experienced journalist and producer, I know what an audience wants and what they don't. While my roots are in 'traditional' media, digital has always been a part of my day-to-day working life. Working in print, I've done everything to ensure synchronicity between print mastheads, and their online counterparts. Likewise while at Channel 7, I worked alongside Yahoo 7 to improve digital integration with our on-air offering, creating a strategy to drive commercial and audience growth and to bolster revenue. 


Prior to working at Channel Seven I managed all digital entertainment and lifestyle content for News Corp's, The Daily Telegraph. Verticals in my remit included Travel, Sydney Confidential, Entertainment, Fashion, Music, TV, Movies and Arts. Here content I created - both written and video - was utilised across the entire News network, nationally and internationally. I managed re-designs for both the lifestyle and Sydney Confidential verticals - ensuring increased functionality and enhanced customer experience - and worked closely with sales on commercial content.  


Social media management has also been a constant throughout my career. At News Corp I oversaw multiple social media channels. In addition, I worked regularly with talent - and their respective managers and publicists - to capitalise on their social media following; a strategy I also applied during my time with Channel Seven. 


Often I'm commissioned to produce content on a regular or ad hoc basis for a variety of organisations. Over the years I've managed weekly blogs for one of the UK's largest chains of men's salons and held regular editor-at-large roles at various international news sites, but my biggest range of digital freelance and project experience lies within the realm of travel (more about that later).


Suffice to say, with a raft of full-time positions and a plethora of regular freelance and project work, my content creation skills are top notch. 


So, whatever your organisation, I can create a strategic content strategy that's on-brand, consistent and, most importantly, engaging. 

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